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. Being slightly overweight or just slightly underweight, none of these are bad. Yes, excess weight is associated with many health conditions, but being overweight isn't a solid measure of health.

Would Have Been Nice To Have One Slightly Overweight Super Hero Imgur
Would Have Been Nice To Have One Slightly Overweight Super Hero Imgur from

Is being a little overweight really ok? We are all different, what's best for everyone is that they look fit and healthy, that may mean technically overweight or technically underweight. Last year i decided it was time to start getting serious.

Sometimes wish you were born really overweight so at least you wouldn't have to feel so confused all the time.

But you need to ensure that you somehow manage to be in the perfect bmi and bmr range. Fat tissue 'boosts brain's energy levels and suggests being slightly overweight could maximise health and longevity mice bred with high napmt levels were very active, especially after fasting Excess weight also increases your chances of developing other problems linked to. We found that being overweight in that study was not associated with excess mortality from and this is an area, he said, that may be affected by being overweight or slightly obese.

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