19+ Durian Nutrition Advice

19+ Durian Nutrition
. The fats which are found in durians are. Often called the king of fruit in asian countries, the tropical durian is not a common find on united states.

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Many nutrients also found in durian such as phytonutrients, proteins which are believed to help prevent various diseases and very beneficial to human health. Most durian lovers know someone who knows someone who got sick or even died from eating too much of this ultimate fruit. Few fruits are as divisive as the durian.

The durian nutritional value and benefits for the body.

Nutrition facts label for durian, raw or frozen. The fats which are found in durians are. The durian is a fruit having its origins in the malay archipelago, a south east asia region including malaysia, philippines, indonesia and thailand. People with high cholesterol should not eat durian as it will cause one's dr soh:

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