Stay Safe, Look Cute Doing It: Stylish Matching Mask Sets Are Here For You

The CDC recommends wearing a face mask in public, and as fashion people, that means we’ve collected quite a few – whether it’s because they come in feel-good prints or, even better, the same pattern that’s already splashed onto that shirt we really wanted to buy. Of course, it’s important to read up on the details – most masks are not medical grade and do not come with filters, so be sure yours is right for you – and learn about the brand behind your mask set.

In particular, we’ve been excited to support some of our favorite labels that are also giving back with one-to-one initiatives and continuing to donate masks to healthcare and essential workers or those in need. We’re also happy to see denim brands using extra fabric for face coverings (they end up matching our jeans, and we’re not complaining!) and upcycled cloth being cut down into headband, scrunchie, and mask sets so you can feel stylish while lounging around in sweats.

This functional use of deadstock fabric is just one sustainable practice we’ve been proud to see fashion companies implementing during the pandemic, and all the looks ahead offer a stylish, matchy-matchy option for our wardrobes. There are mask sets here for all different moods. Whether you’re looking for florals and tie-dye or something more sophisticated like stripes, there’s something here for you.


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