Fashion Girls Can't Stop Wearing Sweat Shorts With T-Shirts

There’s a new cozy outfit in town, and I’m not talking about a matching sweatsuit (even though I’m all about a pastel set!). By now, you’ve probably seen sweat shorts take over your social media feeds, and I, for one, totally get why they’re making a resurgence. Not only are they ultracozy and warm, but they also add a fun ’90s vibe that still feels fresh. What’s not to love? If you’re wondering how to give the nostalgic style a try, I’m breaking down an easy two-piece outfit idea that’s perfect for everyone.

If you’re easing your way into the trend, allow me to give you a simple outfit idea. All you have to do is style your sweat shorts with a T-shirt. Yes, it’s really that simple! Whether you want to wear them with a graphic-print T-shirt or style a colorful pair with a matching tie-dye look, a T-shirt is the perfect option to play up your look. Keep reading to see how some of my favorite style pros have given the easy outfit their own personal twist to see how it’s done. Then, shop some of my favorite picks if you’re looking to buy some new cozy sweat shorts for your wardrobe.


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